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Reopening Guide for Employees

Protocol if an Employee Feels Sick 

If an employee displays COVID-19-like symptoms and/or does not feel well, the employee is required to:

  • Stay home and do not come onto campus
  • Call their medical provider, and
  • Tell their supervisor that they need to stay home

Supervisors must let their senior leader know about the employee who feels ill. The senior leader will notify:

  • The Director of Human Resources, to ensure that all necessary campus protocols have occurred; and,
  • Housekeeping, if needed, to ensure proper disinfecting measures is applied to employee’s work area. If any out-of-cycle cleaning is needed, the Housekeeping e-mail should be used specifying location and cleaning request:

Once the employee feels better, they may report back to work once they have not experienced any symptoms for 14 days and test negative for COVID-19.

During the Employee’s Time at Home 

If the employee can work from home, they are required to connect with their supervisor to make the necessary work from home arrangements.

If the employee cannot work due to illness, they ae required to use their allotted sick days.

Employees who have questions about their work hours or personal time must speak with their supervisor or Human Resources.


Going fully online may change the responsibilities of a PMC employee’s job and job scope. Supervisors and HR will work with employees who have position descriptions that may need modification.

Anyone who shares an office space will need to coordinate with their supervisor and HR to either create a rotating schedule for use or find new office space for one of the two employees.

Use of an employee’s office space may accommodate others for meetings only if there is an ability to meet the safety protocols – 6’ between individuals for social distancing and all parties must wear a mask during the meeting.  If this cannot be accommodated, the meeting must be held virtually.

Employees are required to utilize signage on doors, voice mail messages, and email “out of office” messages to communicate to their colleagues and students if/when they are working off-campus or from home and indicating how to best reach them.

Employees who feel sick are required to follow designated protocol in the section, “Protocol if an Employee Feels Sick.”

Returning to Campus 

Employees may return to campus and their offices and/or classroom and labs after they have:

  • received testing for COVID-19 at BC and received negative results
  • completed their daily health app (on the homepage)
  • completed their daily on-campus check-in (on the homepage), and
  • received, read, signed and returned to HR the Employee Return to Work COVID-19 Control Plan, which describes the re-opening protocol.

When returning to campus, please scan or bring the signed Employee Return to Work COVID-19 Control Plan to the HR Office. HR will provide each employee with COVID-19 Return to Work Kit which will include:

  • Hand sanitizer for their office
  • Disinfectant cleaner for their office
  • Face masks
  • Box of tissues
  • “Stand here” or “Sit here” sticker
  • Thermometer

Each time community members enter campus, they will need to be prepared to show their green screen on the daily health monitoring website,

  • To access the daily health website, go to: edu/check or to the homepage.
  • Login in with your Agora Portal username (your last name and some additional letters provided by Wadner) and password (the 8-digit number provided by Wadner). If this does not work, change your password at
  • Carefully review and complete the six questions of the Self-Assessment.
  • You will be presented with a Cleared or Not Cleared response, and related instructions on how to proceed.

Working from Home 

Employees who are high risk for COVID-19, serve as caregivers to people who are high risk, or need a medical accommodations or flexibility due to childcare or scheduling concerns are required to speak with their supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.

All employees looking to work from home must complete the Flexible Work or Workplace Accommodation Application to ensure equity in the work from home/flexible schedule granting process and any impact on student success. This application can be found on or requested by HR.

Employees and supervisors are required to determine an appropriate schedule re: work from home and/or reporting into the office with respect to employees’ accommodations and flexibility and related to the work that needs to be done during this difficult time.

Any employee who plans to work from their campus office must first meet with their supervisor, then with HR to sign off on the Employee COVID-19 Control Plan. 

Employees who need additional resources to successfully work/teach from home are required to speak with their supervisor.

Employee Travel

The College has suspended all travel out-of-state for day and overnight trips; hence, College funding for travel will not be awarded for Spring 2021. This includes, but is not limited to college advancement and professional development.

Employees who carpool to campus with people outside their family unit/COVID-19 bubble or take public transportation are encouraged to follow strict physical distancing and hygiene protocol during their commute and/or consider working from home.   

Flexible Work or Workplace Accommodation Application 

Pine Manor College requires that all PMC employees who seek to work from home (WFH), regardless of how many days per week that may be, are required to complete the application below to ensure transparency and equity in the WFH approval process.

Please complete this form and submit to your supervisor for approval, and then to Shelley Dropkin, Director of Human Resources. 

Flexible Work or Workplace Accommodation Application Form

Please review the application with your supervisor, then submit to Shelley Dropkin, Director of Human Resources. Additional information may be requested, whereupon your application will be reviewed.  You will subsequently be informed of the status of your application.

For the purposes of this application, the following definitions of Workplace Accommodation and Flexible Work Agreement are as follows:

  • Workplace Accommodation – Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and in response to COVID-19, a reasonable workplace accommodation is any change to the job or work environment that allows a person with a disability who is qualified for the job to perform the essential functions of that job and enjoy equal employment opportunity.
    • To receive a reasonable workplace accommodation, the individual must have an “actual” or “record of” a disability.
    • There must be some connection between the impairment and the specific need for the accommodation.
    • COVID-19 alone is not considered a disability.
    • Caregivers of individuals with disabilities are not entitled to workplace accommodation under Federal ADA, but may be entitled to leave under FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) or FFCRA (Family First Coronavirus Response Act) –
  • Flexible Work Agreement – This is a two-way conversation between an employee and their supervisor.
    • Consideration is given to the needs of the employee which must be in considered balance with the requirements of the position and the needs of the College.
    • This agreement can include schooling and child care issues.

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