Solstice Anthology - Maximum Tilt Anthology

Maximum Tilt Anthology is a print journal of prose, poetry, hybrid, and graphic narrative. Born from the Solstice Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College, Maximum Tilt Anthology seeks to continue the program’s mission of diversity in every sense of the word and to celebrate the talent and creativity of the Solstice community.

Maximum Tilt Anthology will publish twice per year, the dates of which will coincide with Solstice’s residency schedule. The summer edition will not be themed; the winter edition will. Look for information on that call for submissions in August 2019.

Maximum Tilt Anthology will be available for purchase at the Solstice Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program’s summer residency at Pine Manor College, on Amazon.com, and via direct purchase. All proceeds, less printing and production costs, go to the Writers Helping Writers Scholarship fund. Find more information about Writers Helping Writers here.

Please send submissions to maximumtiltanthology@gmail.com.

Submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Poetry: no more than 3 poems, 10 pages maximum. PLEASE SEND AS ONE DOCUMENT.
  • Prose: 5,000 word count limit for fiction and nonfiction
  • Graphic narrative: 10 page limit
  • Picture book: 1 complete story, not more than 16 pages with 2 illustrations per page
  • All genre requirements:
    1. every submission must be a stand-alone piece (an excerpt is welcome provided it can stand alone)
    2. simultaneous submissions are accepted (please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere)
    3. previously published work is accepted, but original, as yet unpublished work is preferred. If submitting previously published work, please provide appropriate publishing information.
    4. please include a cover letter with your name, short bio (no more than 50 words, please), and contact information. Please do not include identifying information anywhere other than this cover letter
    5. we do our best to both give your work thoughtful consideration and to respond promptly. Please allow at least two weeks for a response; if you’ve not heard back from us by then, feel free to follow up to the same email address.