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Student Affairs

Welcome to Pine Manor College

Pine Manor College’s mission statement says, “students … will find a home at Pine Manor College.” We build a home through creating an inclusive, caring community, built on student support, success, and engagement. What does that mean?

We define student support as “ensuring each PMC student has a Student Success Coach and Faculty Advisor throughout their time at PMC to provide help to students and their families during students’ transition to college and provide academic, social, and emotional support throughout their time at PMC.”

We define student success as “working with students on celebrating and cultivating where they come from, where they are, what they need, and where they want to go.”

We define student engagement as “encouraging and empowering students to positively challenge themselves, their peers, and their communities through active involvement at PMC to achieve student success.”

Students and their families will find support, success, and engagement both inside and outside the classroom, as college students question “What is right?,” “Why am I here?,” “What does this opportunity mean for me and my family?,” “What is my purpose?,” and “How will I take my newfound knowledge back home to my family and community?”

College is filled with exploration, learning, creating, and self-discovery. The hard work and perseverance that brought you and your family to Pine Manor College, is the same hard work and perseverance that will motivate you to go to classes, study, and come back to school each semester until graduation.

Pine Manor College defines family by love and by blood. At PMC, you will find your extended family. We are your aunts, uncles, cousins, counselors, mentors, teachers, and friends. When you have a question, want to talk, need advice – we have a team of energetic, supportive staff here to provide high support and high accountability as we believe in you and believe in your successes.


At Pine Manor College, we celebrate our students, staff, and faculty that are the some of the first in their families to attend college! Wherever you see this “First-Generation” sticker, this PMC Gator is/was a first-generation college student!