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Campus Safety

Pine Manor College recognizes that a safe and secure campus community is necessary for study, work, and recreation. Therefore, Pine Manor College Campus Safety provides a wide range of assistance, including:

  • fire safety and detection
  • crime prevention
  • escort service to students, faculty, staff and visitors
  • a friendly face helping to create a safe campus

Campus Safety at Pine Manor College works with students, staff, and faculty to prevent crime and respond to community members in distress. If you need help, please ask a Campus Safety officer–located throughout campus in their uniforms! A safe learning environment is the responsibility of all members!

In conjunction with the Division of Student Affairs, Campus Safety provides educational programming, a regular security activity report and security alerts, when necessary, to members of the PMC community to increase awareness of actual or potential hazards on and off the campus.

Campus Safety Phone Numbers:

Non-Emergency Number (room lockouts, campus information, etc.): 617-731-7192

Emergency Number (Crime in Progress, medical emergency): 617-731-7777

If you have any questions not answered online, please reach out to the following staff member(s) for assistance:

Loren Barrett

Director of Campus Safety