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Shuttle Service

The shuttle is driven by Campus Safety personnel who have been trained to operate the vehicles according to the safety guidelines established by the College. The vehicle is especially equipped with radio communications. This allows the operator to have immediate communications with the Campus Safety Department in order to report any problems and get assistance when needed.

The Campus Safety personnel driving have full authority to settle any disputes or problems that may occur while persons are boarding, on board, or exiting the shuttle. This includes the right to refuse travel to any person who refuses to comply with the Passenger Policies or is deemed a risk to the safety of the drivers or other passengers.

Personal Safety

Make it a habit to be cautious around campus, in buildings, and in transit. Campus Safety hopes you will make the following step part of your daily routine:

  • Walk Safely. Don’t walk alone at night, especially in dark, vacant areas. Avoid shortcuts. If you walk alone, proceed directly to your destination on well-lit paths. Look alert; be aware of your surroundings. Ask a friend to walk with you.
  • Help others walk safely. Team up with another person walking alone at night.
  • Don’t jog alone in remote areas during the day and never jog alone at night.
  • Don’t hitchhike. Ask a friend for a ride or use the shuttle service.
  • Report suspicious people or circumstance to Campus Safety.

To Report an Emergency

On Campus

  • DIAL x7777 from any College phone, or 617-731-7777 from a private or pay phone
  • PRESS THE “EMERGENCY” BUTTON on a campus emergency call box telephone.

The campus is equipped with a network of emergency call box telephone at the following locations:

  • Rear of the Gym
  • Southwest parking lot (tennis courts)
  • East Commons
  • West Commons
  • South Commons
  • Southwest computer/study area
  • Campus Center path to Village

Off Campus

DIAL 911 for local police or fire department.
Note: If you call 911 with a cell phone you get the State Police. For Brookline Police, dial 617-730-2222 and for the Brookline Fire Department dial 617-730-2277,

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