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Weather and College Closings

In the case of extreme weather, such as a snowstorm, the college may need to close for the safety of students, staff, and faculty. If the college is closing for weather, this information is communicated in several ways!

PMC Email

ENS (Emergency Notification System) notices, please sign as soon as possible, so that you receive college notification notices. The Emergency Notification web address: . We encourage everyone to sign up. Go to the web address to ensure you are signed up with the most recent information.

WBZ-AM NEW RADIO 1030 AND NEWS 4 NEW ENGLAND. WBZ-AM NEWS RADIO 1030 will announce cancellations twice per hour (:05 AND :35) starting at 5:05 A.M.

WCVB-CHANNEL 5 – Continuous coverage from 4:30 A.M. to 9 A.M. Cancellations also run during their news programs throughout the day.

7 NEWS broadcasts on Channel 7 Channel 56 (CW) Continuous coverage beginning at 4:30 A.M.

FOX 25 NEWS- Continuous coverage from 4:30 A.M. to 9 A. M. To speed up the announcement process, your school closings will appear on and on the NECN smartphone app. Unlike on-air programs, the online information is constantly available for viewing. No waiting for your school to appear amidst a long text scroll. Our system is as simple as visiting or loading the app and typing the name of the school in the search bar. You can obtain the NECN app from your smartphone or tablet’s app store. The direct link to our closings page:

WHDH 7 news Link when you get to the home page click on ‘Snow Day Alert’ and follow the instructions to enroll.

WCVB, Channel 5 link is also: Students may sign up for email notifications at:

Fox 25 News link is