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COVID 19 Coronavirus info

Beginning on Monday, March 23, all instructions will be conducted remotely and there will be NO in-class sessions.
All classes will be taught online.

Following Governor Charlie Baker declaration of a State of Emergency in Massachusetts, and the concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), Pine Manor College is responding proactively.

First, know that, as of March 19th, there have been no diagnosed cases of coronavirus on campus and that PMC students are not experiencing any elevated level of sickness beyond what would occur normally on campus at this time of year. The College is monitoring the situation daily and will alert the community should we learn of any change in this situation. The College is also keeping in close contact with the Brookline Department of Public Health.

For a list of resources and helpful tips for students, please visit this link.

In light of the various levels of concern, we revised our plans for the rest of the semester, and we will provide the following instructions and options for students, faculty, and staff.

Please review the following information carefully:

  • Spring Break began two days ahead of schedule on Thursday, March 12th 2020.
  • All academic classes will resume beginning on Monday, 3/23/20, but will be taught online (there will be no in-class meetings). Your individual faculty member will communicate course details by the end of next week. Online courses will continue for the rest of the semester.
  • During Spring Break and throughout spring semester, the residence halls and dining hall will remain open and students may stay on campus. For students who want to stay on campus during spring break, be sure to complete this form: Spring Break Housing Request Form.
  • For students who wish to remain on campus for the remainder of the spring semester, please follow email communication from Tyrone Newsome, Director of Residence Life about how to remain on campus. A “request to remain on campus” form will need to be completed by each student wishing to stay on campus during the remainder of spring semester.
  • All community members are discouraged from traveling outside the U.S. or to any locale where there is a heightened alert due to the virus.
  • Anyone travelling to a level 2, 3, or 4 destination will be required to self-quarantine off campus for fourteen days before returning to campus.
  • Staff and faculty for whom it is appropriate to work remotely, please discuss with your manager/program director for arrangements that can be made.
  • Remain alert to the various public health announcements on this matter and heed their instructions, particularly around safe health practices.
  • Guided by the advice of public health officials, use your best judgment in what steps are best for you.


No Guest/Visitor Policy – Temporary Measure

Effective March 17, 2020, Pine Manor College is implementing a no guest/visitor policy for all non-essential guests. This prohibits the following people from coming to campus:

  • Campus visitors
  • Gym/tennis courts renters
  • Paddle tennis players
  • Student visitors/guests
  • Prospective college students
  • External meetings and special events

Students who request a ride share or food delivery should use Southwest parking lot as the pickup/drop off location only.

People excluded from this policy who may continue to access campus include essential vendors such as:

  • Food service deliveries
  • Postal service/UPS/Fed Ex
  • Housekeeping and facilities deliveries
  • Emergency vehicles

Pine Manor College is implementing this policy to limit the exposure to our residential students, live-on staff members, and employees. This policy reflects the best practices of social distancing. The College will review the policy on April 20, 2020 and let the community know at that time if it will continue or be lifted. Until further notice, non-essential guests are not permitted on campus.



  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid spending time with those who are sick for whom you are not the primary care provider.
  • Avoid large or mass gatherings of people whenever possible.
  • Stay attuned to public health reports about actions to take.

Please stay informed by checking the following Town of Brookline links:

To get important information about the coronavirus from the Town of Brookline, please sign up for Alert Brookline online:

The Health Department has additional information on COVID-19:

In addition, please read the following information on:

1. The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisories.

2. Ways to stay healthy during coronavirus and flu season.

3. Proactive steps Pine Manor College is taking re: the coronavirus.

PMC is following the CDC advisories and travel guidelines to ensure campus safety:

If you visit or arrive from a country that has a Level 2, 3, or 4 warning due to coronavirus (e.g., China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Mongolia, and Japan), Pine Manor College is requiring you to self-isolate/quarantine yourself for the recommended 14 days before you can come/return to campus and classes. (If students are sick during this 14-day window, the time in self-isolation may need to be extended. Pine Manor College administration will handle these cases on a case-by-case basis with our college partners.)

  • Students who travel to Level 2, 3, and/or 4 countries in the coming weeks should monitor their travel and know that returning to the United States may not be possible depending on where they travel due to travel bans and CDC restrictions.
  • Students that planned to travel to Level 2, 3, or 4 countries should reconsider their travels in efforts to complete their spring semester here on campus.
  • International students: If you plan to travel outside the U.S., notify Cyrus Konstantinakos ( Remember that you need an up-to-date (within 1 year) signature on the travel section of your I-20 (page 2) to avoid problems at Customs when you return.
  • Students in Pine Manor College’s ELI and Kings program who are coming to campus from a Level 2, 3, or 4 countries will know, in advance of coming to the United States, about Pine Manor College’s policy.
  • This policy will remain in effect until authorized officials and the CDC lift all travel advisories.

Ways to stay healthy during coronavirus and flu season:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water throughout the day and avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Cover your nose when you sneeze with a tissue or your arm. Then, wash your hands.
  • Do not share utensils or drinks.
  • Get plenty of rest, eat well, and drink water.
  • Keep cold medicines handy in case you feel ill and have at least one-month supply of all prescription medications.
  • Make sure you received your flu shot for the season (available at CVS, Physician One Urgent Care, and other local pharmacies).
  • Keep your residence hall rooms clean. If you notice public spaces that need cleaning, email:
  • If you feel sick:
    •  Call your primary care physician or Physician One Urgent Care at 617-608-3215 and they will give you further directions regarding your care.
    • Stay home and email your professors to make up the work. Do not go to classes and public spaces if you feel ill.

Proactive steps Pine Manor College is taking re: the coronavirus:

  • Working closely with Brookline Public Health officials, Physician One Urgent Care staff, and PMC College partners.
  • Pine Manor College has asked faculty to plan out classes on-line as a precautionary step.
  • Aladdin food services has high standards regarding cleanliness and established protocol to avoid the spread of communicable diseases. Aladdin has established a plan to ensure food services in case classes are cancelled.
  • Housekeeping has ensured ample supply of antibacterial hand soap and paper towels to keep all the bathrooms on campus well stocked.
  • Offices on campus have hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer has been distributed to students through their on-campus mailboxes along with information from Physician One Urgent Care about their services.
  • Staff and faculty were instructed to support our student who are not feeling well or become ill, by advising them to follow these steps:
    • Stay in their residence hall room or off-campus apartment
    • Call PhysicianOne Urgent Care at 617-608-3215 or their primary care provider for next steps
  • Faculty and staff is asked to submit a CARES report to alert the college of such cases.

Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping our community safe and healthy.