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International Student Resources

Welcome International Students!


What kind of community will you find at Pine Manor?


500 students   l   200 faculty and staff

Close-knit and supportive

PMC’s student-faculty ratio is 16:1. Every student has an academic advisor and a success coach. Professors always welcome students for individual appointments. Full-time, professional tutors assist in reading, writing, math, study skills and time management. Students organize their own study sessions. At PMC, you have support to develop as a student in the United States. 


50 acres   l   miles from Boston

Beautiful and strategically located

With our spacious, wooded campus, PMC is a great place for friendship, collaboration and  contemplation. 

Meanwhile, we are on the edge of Boston, a global leader in finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, health care and, of course, higher education. With more than 250,000 students, Boston is one of the most dynamic, global cities in the U.S.

PMC gets you in and out of the Boston quickly, with daily shuttles every half-hour to the Chestnut Hill “T” (5-min from PMC). From there it takes just 20 min. to Kenmore Square and 30 min. to Park Street. Cars get to the city within 15 minutes from the campus.


25 states   l   60 countries represented

A national leader in diversity and inclusion

PMC is one of the Top 5 most ethnically diverse colleges in the United States. Nearly half of our students are international, with many of our domestic students also having grown up in other countries. Many other international students live on campus live and study in our specialized, non-credit English-language programs. 

Since our inception as a women’s college in 1911, PMC has been dedicated to education for inclusive leadership and social justice.  


We look forward to your joining this unique community!