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Outside the Classroom Questions

Frequent Student Life Questions

How can my student get involved on campus?

Students who are involved on campus are more likely to succeed at Pine Manor College! There are a variety of ways your student can make connections and grow as a Gator. Student are encouraged to join student organizations, be physically active in the Fitness Center, and hang out in the Rosemary Ashby Campus Center. We even encourage students to work with staff members to host their own personalized events on campus!

Students looking to get involved can speak with their Student Success Coach or Abby Albright, Student Activities Graduate Assistant, at 

My student is struggling to feel like their residence hall is their home.

College can be the first time a student is living on their own, living in their own space. Our Residence Staff works with all students to create an exciting, nurturing home at Pine Manor College. If your student is struggling with living on campus, encourage them to speak with their in-hall Resident Assistant or the Graduate Resident Director. 

What if my student becomes homesick?

Encourage your student to talk with their Student Success Coach, Resident Assistant (RA), or friends. Success Coaches and RA’s can provide support and help them to get connected on campus with other students and student groups to create a support system here in Chestnut Hill. Collegiate Parent also has a great article about dealing with homesickness.

What mental health services are available to students?

We encourage all Gators to take care of their mental health, including working with a counselor. To make an appointment for on-campus counseling or get assistance with finding an off-campus provider, please email our counseling staff at

Campus counseling can provide students with:

  • Support for personal, family, social, and academic stressors.
  • Skill building around academic and emotional wellness.
  • Educational information on various topics related to adjusting to college, managing stress, building healthy relationship and so much more!

All counseling sessions are strictly confidential unless you provide written consent or may be of danger to yourself and/or others. Counseling sessions do not become part of a student’s record. Any counseling information used in statistics or research will guarantee the anonymity of the student.