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Residential Calendar 2019-2020

Residential Calendar 2019-2020


26 (Monday)       New Student Check In (International Students)

27 (Tuesday)      New Student Check In (Domestic Students)


1 (Sunday)      Returning Students Move In (9:00am – 5:00pm, Campus Center, 1st Floor)

1 (Sunday)      Room Freeze Begins

2 (Monday)     Labor Day (No classes, college offices closed)

13 (Friday)      Last day drop/add a course

16 (Monday)   Room Freeze Ends


14-15 (Monday-Tuesday)      Fall Break (No classes, college offices closed on Monday)

28 (Monday)                          Thanksgiving Break Housing Applications available online

31 (Wednesday)                    Halloween


11 (Monday)                             Veterans’ Day

18 (Monday)                             Spring Registration Begins

22 (Friday)                                Deadline to submit Thanksgiving Break Housing Request Form

26-30 (Tuesday-Saturday)       Thanksgiving Break (No Classes, Offices open M-W ONLY)

28 (Wednesday)                       Residence Halls close at Noon (12pm)


1 (Sunday)                                    Residence Halls reopen at Noon (12pm)

3 (Tuesday)                                  Winter Break Housing Request Form online

13 (Friday)                                    Last Day of Classes

16-18 (Monday-Wednesday)        Final Exams

16 (Monday)                                 Deadline to submit Winter Break Housing Request Form

19 (Thursday)                               Residence Halls close at Noon (12pm)


14 (Tuesday)          New Student Check In (International Students)

15 (Wednesday)     New Student Check In (Domestic Students)

19 (Sunday)            Residence Halls reopen for Returning Students at 9:00am

19 (Sunday)            Room Freeze Period Begins

20 (Monday)           Martin Luther King Day (Holiday, Day of Service)

21 (Tuesday)          Classes Begin

31 (Friday)              Last Day to drop/add a course


3 (Monday)      Room Freeze Period Ends

17 (Monday)    Presidents’ Day (No classes, college offices closed)

24 (Monday)    Spring Break Housing Request Form available online


12 (Thursday)                      Deadline to submit Spring Break Housing Request Form

14 (Saturday)                       Residence Halls close at Noon (12pm)

14-22 (Saturday-Sunday)    Spring Day Break (No classes, college offices open during weekdays)

22 (Sunday)                         Residence Halls reopen at Noon (12pm)

23 (Monday)                        Housing Application for Returning Students available online


6 (Wednesday)   Summer Housing Application emailed to students and posted on PMC website

12 (Sunday)        Easter

13 (Monday)       Deadline for Returning Students to submit a Housing Application for 2020-2021

14 (Tuesday)       Fall Registration Begins

14 (Tuesday)       Deadline for Housing Accommodations Request Forms to be submitted

20 (Monday)        Patriots’ Day (No classes, college offices open)

21 (Tuesday)       Summer Housing Applications due to the Office of Residence Life by 5:00pm

21 (Tuesday)       Housing Selection Lottery Numbers posted outside of Room 208 in the Campus Center at Noon

21 (Tuesday)       Proxy Forms are due to the Office of Residence Life by 4:30pm

23 (Thursday)     Housing Selection Day – 1:00-5:00pm (President’s Dining Room)

28 (Tuesday)      Students informed of summer housing application status via email


5 (Tuesday)                             Summer housing assignments sent out to students via email

6 (Wednesday)                        Last Day of Classes

7-8 (Thursday-Friday)              Reading Days

8 (Friday)                                  Accepted summer housing students must confirm their acceptance

11-13 (Monday-Wednesday)    Final Exams

13 (Wednesday)                       Deadline for students to cancel summer housing contract

14 (Thursday)                           Residence Halls close at Noon (12pm) for non-graduating students

17 (Sunday)                             Commencement

18 (Monday)                             Residence Halls close at Noon (12pm) for graduating students

22 (Friday)                                Students move into summer housing

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