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Student Organizations

The Division of Student Affairs supports a variety of student organizations that provide countless opportunities for student leaders to be engaged, create community, and develop leadership skills at Pine Manor College.

There are many benefits to getting involved in a student organization! Current student organizations at Pine Manor College include:

  • Club Gatorade
  • Global Gators
  • Let’s Talk About It
  • Origami Club
  • Science Club
  • Smashing

Students looking to start a new student organization should contact Abby Albright, Student Activities Graduate Assistant, at

Student Organization Policybook

The Student Organization Policybook provides a centralized policy resource for recognized undergraduate student organizations and their members. The policies and provisions contained in the Policybook govern the conduct and operations of student organizations. Contact information and links for policies administered by other departments is provided throughout the document; students are encouraged to contact the relevant staff member or department if they have questions or would like more information. The Guidebook is reviewed annually by the Division of Student Affairs. Changes to this document may be made at any time; revisions will be communicated to student organizations in a timely manner. Feedback on current policies is always welcome and should be addressed to Abby Albright, Student Activities Graduate Assistant, at

For the Policybook click here.

Anti-Hazing Agreement

Pine Manor College does not tolerate hazing of any kind. If you believe you or someone you know has been a victim of hazing, you can report it to staff in the Division of Student Affairs, or by contacting a resident assistant, academic adviser, professor, staff member or Campus Safety.