Meet our Student Ambassadors

Valerie Austin

Valerie is a second semester junior majoring in social and political systems. After graduating, Valerie would like to continue her studies to become a School Psychologist. A commuter student, Valerie is enthusiastic about her College Campus and what it has to offer. Born in Haiti, Valerie finds many ways to introduce and celebrate her Haitian culture here at Pine Manor College. In her free time Valerie loves reading and exploring the city of Boston. Valerie is a proud member of the PMC community and is happy to hold the title of Student Ambassador.

Alexis Bushika

Alexis is a freshman, majoring in Biology at Pine Manor. Alexis is a student athlete as well and a rising star for PMC's division III Volleyball and Softball teams. Alexis lives on campus and "loving it". She often finds herself exploring Boston and reading in her free time. She is passionate about PMC and describes the college experience as "a wonderfully fun and supportive environment for everybody".

Emily Converse

Emily is a freshman at Pine Manor College. Emily is a psychology major who is determined to go to grad school for school counseling and eventually work as a high school guidance counselor. Emily is proud to be part of the PMC dance ensemble, as well as an assistant stage manager for the theater department. Emily lives on campus, which makes it easy to explore Boston and all that the city has to offer in her free time.

Shauna Dinneen

Shauna Dinneen is a sophomore majoring in Social Political Systems. She plans on working as a paralegal while entering the world of Law School after gradating from PMC. She loves living on campus and works as a Resident Assistant, but will always call Connecticut her “home”. Academically, she strives to continue her role as an Honors student. Shauna is also a student-athlete and is a part of PMC’s Division III Basketball team. Both on and off the court, her biggest goal is to build the Pine Manor College community in multiple ways. When and if she ever gets free time, she enjoys hanging with her friends and watching SVU.

Natasha Kopystynsky

Natasha is a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. From Johnsburg, Illinois, Natasha lives on-campus and works as a Resident Assistant. She welcomes, supports and engages her fellow classmates in this role. Natasha is also an award winning student athlete who plays for PMC’s Division III Soccer and Softball teams. Natasha considers her teammates her second family. She proudly serves as the president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, a group dedicated to increasing community involvement in PMC sports.

Rosalie Sinclair

Rosalie is a first year student majoring in Biology and minoring in Visual Arts. Enthusiastically involved on-campus, Rosalie is a member of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), which holds a wide variety of events for education, awareness and fun! The GSA also offers confidential support for all students. In her free time, she makes the most of PMC’s proximity to Boston, exploring the large city with her friends. After a day in the city, Rosalie appreciates that she can come back to PMC’s peaceful campus, where the natural landscaping reminds her of her home in Keene, New Hampshire.

Anielly Karise Zeferino

Anielly Karise is a sophomore majoring in Biology and minoring in English. Originally born in Brazil, she has worked diligently to overcome the language and cultural differences that she struggled with when she moved to the United States. Although Anielly Karise commutes to campus from Malden, MA, she appreciates the friendships she continues to form at PMC. She feels that the college has become a home-away-from-home. When she is not studying, Anielly Karise enjoys reading fiction and using her singing talents to worship as a Seventh - day Adventist.