Theatre Courses

TH 100
Performance in the Play (1 credit)
This course recognizes participation in the Fall or Spring play. Experience is not necessary. Students who participate as part of the requirement of another course are not eligible for credit in TH 100. A minimum of 8–12 hours per week for approximately six weeks is required. TH 100 may be repeated for credit. CR/NC only. Fall and Spring.Prerequisite: Audition or permission.

TH 104
Introduction to the Theatre
This course explores the collaborative nature of theatre by examining the contributions of the actor, playwright, director, and designers, as well as their relationship to one another and to theatre architecture, production, management, and criticism. Students attend at least one performance in Boston and participate in classroom exercises and projects. Fall. Group: IV.

TH 105
Improvisation: Playing Seriously
This course is useful for the actor as well as the student who wishes to improve her confidence and develop her imagination, creativity, spontaneity and collaborative skills. Improvisation exercises using story-telling strategies and character development will lead to a final in-class performance. Spring, alternate years. Group: IV.

TH 140
Costume Design
This course covers the process of costume design from the beginning of the production process to building the costumes for a College production. Participation in Pine Manor College productions must be completed to receive credit for this course. Fall, alternate years. Group: IV.

TH 141
Design and Building for the Theatre
This course provides practical production experience in scene design, set construction, painting, properties, lighting, and stage management. Participation in Pine Manor College productions must be completed to receive credit for this course. Fall and Spring. Group: IV.

TH 211
Acting I: Scene Study
TH 211 is an introduction to acting. Monologue and scene work are complemented by technique exercises, emphasizing emotion, movement, and voice. Actors begin with simple actions as a way to understand how to find a character’s objectives and obstacles. Memorization and rehearsal of scenes for in-class performances are required.  Fall. Group: IV.

TH 212
Acting II: Acting Workshop
Students rehearse and present scenes in workshop performances for the PMC community. TH 212 is especially recommended for students who have completed TH 211. Spring. Group: IV.

TH/EN 217
Shakespeare II
Refer to description in English courses 

TH 225
Theatre Ensemble
The goal of this course is to achieve an ensemble of artists participating in an holistic approach to theatre: students assume the roles of writers, directors, designers, and actors. Through readings, exercises, and discussions, students are encouraged to explore the world around them, engaging in issues that concern them, and working together to develop a final project inspired by their journey, to be presented to the Pine Manor community. Fall, alternate years. Group: IV.

TH 251
Theatre for Children
This course introduces the student to the methods and materials of play production for young audiences. Topics include storytelling, improvisation, theatre games, acting, play selection, direction, settings, and costumes. TH 251 culminates in a production performed for a young audience. Spring. Group: IV