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Starting college can be exciting and stressful at the same time, especially if you are moving far away from home!
Independence and taking responsibility for what you do is a big part of college life. First-year students, here are some tips on how to thrive during your time here at Pine Manor!

  1. Take advantage of study resources on campus. Our Library and Learning center staff, tutors, and study groups are invaluable resources.
  2. Set up a meeting, or drop by during office hours, to talk to a professor when you have questions about course material. If your class has a Teaching Assistant (TA) be sure to get his/her contact information and reach out to him/her for help. It will be helpful and make classes even more interesting.
  3. Connect with Pine Manor’s Career Development Office. Your career advisor will be a valuable resource throughout your time at Pine Manor and even after graduating college.
  4. Be responsible. Don’t skip class – that way, you’ll stay ahead and you’ll be ready with all the information you’ll need for Final Exams week.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to try new things! College is one of the greatest platforms for personal development.
  6. Get involved! Pine Manor offers various clubs and organizations, so there is something for everyone. Make sure to stop by the Ashby Student Center at the beginning of the semester to sign up for co-curricular activities. Support your fellow student athletes and attend our many sporting events.

Please join Pine Manor College’s 2014 Convocation ceremony Thursday, September 4th at 12:30 at the Ferry Administration Building.

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