Upcoming Exhibitions

Deborah McDuff and Thea Shapiro: Coffee and Tea

Opening: Sunday December 4, 1:30-4pm, in the Hess Gallery.
RSVP: Carolyn Wirth cwirth@pmc.edu

How much does a cup of coffee and tea really cost? McDuff and Shapiro create surprising art from re-puposed coffee filters and tea bags, like giant coffee cups, dresses, hats, and murals. The duo also explores the history of coffee and tea by hosting a tealeaf and coffee grind reading. Viewers can discover the process of the coffee and tea business while viewing art in the Hess gallery and attending a campus reception.

Spring show:

Lavaughan Jenkins, New Work

Prize-winning Mass. College of Art and Design alumnus Lavaughan Jenkins brings his first major solo show to Pine Manor in the spring. Watch for details on Lavaughn's lecture and other activities around campus. www.lavaughanjenkins.com