Visual Arts

The Visual Arts major at Pine Manor College enables a student to emphasize either studio arts or art history in a self-designed type of major. A student takes a small number of required courses in these subjects, including a senior internship seminar and a senior thesis project, and selects one of two tracks in the major. A student and her advisor work very closely to select the electives in the major based on her interests and career goals. In addition, a student is also encouraged to take a broad range of courses outside the major which will complement her interests and career goals. A student may also register at nearby Boston College for additional courses.

Creative thinking is at the core of the Visual Arts curriculum. Students develop creative and critical thinking skills in visual expression and writing, as well as a broad range of studio and design skills that will serve them well in the work-place.

Courses are offered in Studio Arts, Computer Graphics, Photography, Graphic Design, and Art History. Students may also pursue a major in Communication and concentrate in Visual Communications (see Communication).

Major Requirements

VA 103 Images to Ideas
VA 110 Drawing
AH 101 Introduction to Art History
VA 496 Senior Thesis Project
VA 495 Senior Internship

For Studio Art Concentration:
 One Visual Arts course at the 100 level.
 One Visual Arts course at the 200 level or above (e.g. Painting II, Drawing II).
 One Visual Arts course at the 300 level or above (e.g. Painting III, Drawing III).
 One Art History course at the 200 level or above.

For Art History Concentration:
 One Exploratory Internship.
 One Visual Arts course at the 100 level.
 Two Art History courses at the 200 level.
  One Art History course at the 300 level or above.

Visual Communication Concentration

This concentration offers students a good foundation in the skills necessary for a job in the media and arts fields. Students will take courses in digital technology as well as writing, editing, layout, drawing, photography, and design. Career paths include advertising, public relations, graphic and web design, and TV production.

CO 240 Media Writing
 IN 295 Exploratory Internship **
 Three of the following:
 Two must be CO courses, one of which must be at the 300-level:
 CO 100 Introduction to Mass Communication
 CO 120 Introduction to TV and Radio Production
 CO 220 Concepts of Media Literacy
 CO 310 Public Relations
 CO 340 Digital Moviemaking
 CO 420 Advanced Video Production
 MK 324 Advertising
 EN 209 Journalism on the Web and on the Page
 EN 200 Writing on the Job
 Art History courses
 **The exploratory internship is intended to be elected in the sophomore or junior year of study with the guidance of the student’s academic advisor.
 One other Visual Arts course at the 100 level or above.

Minor Requirements

Studio Arts

VA 103 Images to Ideas
 VA 120 Design Fundamentals
 One Visual Arts course at the 100 level or above.
 Three Visual Arts courses at the 200 level or above.

Art History

AH 101 Introduction to Art History
 Four additional courses in Art History at or above the 200 level.

Associate of Arts in Visual Arts

All Associate degrees require the completion of 64 credits, including first-year courses and required general education distribution courses. Course work required for the degree concentration are included in the 64.

The two-year A.A. degree in the Visual Arts offers a strong foundation in both art history and studio arts; studying in excellent facilities and in a wide range of courses. Boston-area resources provide further opportunity for study and internships.

VA 103 Images to Ideas
 VA 110 Drawing I
 AH 101 Introduction to Art History
 Two other VA courses at the 100-level or above
 Two VA courses at the 200-level or above

Program Faculty


  • Jamie Bowman
  • Joshua Duttweiler
  • L'Merchie Frazier
  • Percy Fortini-Wright
  • Carolyn Wirth (Hess Gallery Director)

Rachel Loishcild - Program Coordinator
Tel: 617-731-7158