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2020 Vision – Writing Social Justice for Today

The Solstice Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program of Pine Manor College invites you to 2020 Vision – Writing Social Justice for Today, a virtual panel happening during its July 2020 residency. 

Author and teacher Sheela Chari will moderate a diverse roster of writers and activists, including Solstice faculty members David Yoo, José Angel Araguz, Iain Haley Pollock, Randall Horton, and Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich; our writer-in-residence Renée Watson; and guests Shonda Buchanan and Ibtisam Barakat.  

At this very moment, in the midst of a global pandemic, people across the country and world are speaking out for justice online and in the streets. From issues of police brutality to matters of climate change, we are compelled to contribute our voices to the collective calls for advocacy and policy changes. As writers, how can we use our platform to respond in times of crisis? How do we derive the authority, expertise, and the imagination to write about social issues while maintaining our allegiance to the creation and manifestation of art? This panel will seek answers to these questions and more.

“This might be the most important conversation we can be having now as writers and artists,” Sheela said. “What will we choose to write about? How can art make a difference? Our choices will shape the values of our generation.”

This panel offers a look into Solstice MFA’s programming and commitment to social justice. Contact us to discover more about the program, including genre concentrations, fellowships, and more.


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